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  Kenneth Poon

Factors affecting variability in farm and off-farm income (Research Paper)

  The purpose of this paper is to examine the factors affecting the relative variability in farm and off-farm income for Canadian farm operators, using a dataset of 17,000 farm operators from 2001 to 2006. The paper found that... Greater ...

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OMAFRA These projects are made possible with the resources provided by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Agricultural Affairs. Special thanks to Stephen Duff and Greg Pate. OMAFRA - University of Guelph Partnership

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FARE The Department of Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics Department at the University of Guelph. The name reflects the three areas of expertise in the department: food economics, agricultural economics and agribusiness, and resource econ...

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An Economic Analysis of Profitability, Income Variability and Competitiveness of Farms under Different Size Categories in Ontario

  Despite the recognition of growing heterogeneity among farms in recent years, little is known about the range of variations in farm income and farm profitability across farms of different sizes in Ontario. Are there economies of scale or...

Innovations in Managing Risk and Stochastic Simulation Modeling for Ontario Farming Sector

  The success of the agricultural sector relies in part on its ability to manage the risks that are inherent to the industry.  The complexities involved in managing the uncertainties surrounding yield, price, financial leverage, exchange rate, ...

The Agricultural and Rural Policy Implications of a Changing Agricultural Sector

  The farm sector has evolved from a homogeneous group - with relatively few differences in size, management, and composition - to one with significant differences even within specific commodity sector.  There are now distinctions between farm, ...


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Researchers from the University of Guelph, and University of Guelph - Ridgetown Campus are in partnership with Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to examine the economic impacts of the changing structure on the Ontario agricultural sec...

Demand and Supply Analysis of Farm, Farmer and Farm Family Data (working paper)

Authors: Poon, Kenneth; Weersink, Alfons; Deaton, Brady Keywords: data demand, data supply, farm heterogeneity, policy Issue Date: 2011-07 Series/ Report no.: SPAA working papers, 2011-8 Abstract: Canadian gove...

Factors Affecting Variability in Farm and Off-farm Income (working paper)

  NOTE: The published version of this working paper is now available HERE   Authors: Poon, Kenneth; Alfons, Weersink Keywords: Relative variability; farm and off- farm income Issue Date: 2011-03 Series/Report no...

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Economics of Farm Income and Farm Structure
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